Who We Are

Who We Are

Ohio Prevention Professionals Association (OPPA) is the membership association for prevention professionals and advocates actively engaged in efforts to champion prevention in Ohio. Formed in 1984 and incorporated in 1988 as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio (ADAPAO), OPPA provides training, resources, and networking to our members while advocating on behalf of Ohio's prevention community and the people and communities our members serve.


Ohioans united to champion the advancement of effective prevention


The Ohio Prevention Professionals Association employs the power of dialogue, education, networking & advocacy to amplify a united voice for effective prevention in Ohio.

Guiding Principles

Membership: We exist because of and for our members

  • Utilize members as a resource
  • Ensure members drive decision-making and activities
  • Provide opportunities for idea exchange and critical debate
  • Disseminate information
  • Connect members to resources
  • Advocate on issues critical to members

Integrity: We stay true to our principles in all our endeavors

  • Ensure our actions are aligned with our principles
  • Take risks on behalf of effective prevention
  • Commit to ongoing evaluation of our values and beliefs
  • Model ethical decision making

Visionary Leadership: We are at the forefront of critical prevention related issues

  • Anticipate and address future needs now
  • Confront critical issues
  • Maintain a continuous improvement process
  • Stay abreast of current influences
  • Articulate a vision for the advancement of prevention
  • Be solution oriented
  • Cultivate leaders in prevention

Growth: We promote the growth of prevention as a concept, a field, and a lifestyle

  • Cultivate and expand the spirit of prevention
  • Advocate for prevention and effective practices
  • Unify voices for prevention § Proactively share our vision with others
  • Continuously refine our understanding of what works in prevention
  • Encourage innovation

Collaboration: We cultivate a standard of working together to achieve a more dynamic outcome

  • Explore innovative collaborative opportunities to achieve goals
  • Nurture critical debate and dialogue
  • Model collaboration through membership engagement
  • Foster opportunities for collaboration within and outside our membership
  • Seek out and maintain meaningful external relationships to our association
  • Convene members and key stakeholders to address timely issues