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Ohio Prevention Professionals Association (OPPA) is a membership association for prevention professionals and advocates actively engaged in efforts to champion prevention in Ohio. Formed in 1984 and incorporated in 1988 as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Association of Ohio (ADAPAO), OPPA provides training, resources, and networking to our members while advocating on behalf of Ohio's prevention community and the people and communities our members serve.


Ohioans united to champion the advancement of effective prevention

Advocacy Team

The Advocacy Team leads OPPA advocacy initiatives, both internal and external to the prevention and behavioral health system, and provides opportunities for OPPA members to increase their advocacy skills.

Current initiatives:

  • OPPA Community Spotlight on Advocacy: Hosts a quarterly webinar for members, featuring a local-level advocacy effort.

  • Marijuana Task Force: Co-facilitates a collaborative project to provide Ohio's prevention community with tools to educate consumers and communities about marijuana health and safety risks.

  • Representation: Provides a prevention voice on several state-level committees, workgroups, and task forces.


Belon Hill, OCPS, ICPS

Mary Makley Wolff, MS, OCPS, ICPS

Contact the Advocacy Team at advocacy@ohiopreventionprofessionals.org

Aimee Wade

Aimee R. Wade, MSW, LISW-S, OCPC, ICPS

Executive Director, County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board

President, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Aimee Wade is one of two prevention-credentialed professionals leading a county behavioral health board in Ohio, guiding one of the largest such boards in the state. Aimee was appointed to executive director of the ADM Board in 2021 after more than 10 years serving in other positions with the board, including both associate director of clinical services and compliance and prevention and training coordinator. She has also been a lecturer at the University of Akron. Aimee continuously works to elevate the importance of the science of prevention in the overall discussion of community resiliency, health and wellness.


The Ohio Prevention Professionals Association employs the power of dialogue, education, networking & advocacy to amplify a united voice for effective prevention in Ohio.

Communications & Marketing Team

The Communications & Marketing Team coordinates member communications, OPPA promotion, and social media activity.

Current initiatives:

  • Ohio Prevention Professionals Facebook Group - Moderates OPPA's Facebook group for real-time dialogue and networking among prevention professionals and advocates.

  • Monday Mornings with OPPA - Develops content for OPPA's membership e-newsletter.

  • OPPA Website - Identifies, secures, and creates content for the OPPA website. 


Chelcie Beadnell, OCPS, ICPS

Mary Marvel, MS, OCPC, ICPS

Contact the Communications & Marketing Team at commnications@ohiopreventionprofessionals.org

Tommy Koopman

Tommy Koopman, MS, OCPC, ICPS, CHES

Deputy Director, Mental Health Recovery Board Serving Warren and Clinton Counties

Vice President, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Tommy Koopman began his prevention path in high school as president of the Youth Congress for Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati. As a Miami University student, Tommy was a founding member of the HAWKS Peer Health Education program, which provided on-campus prevention programs to students. Prior to joining the Mental Health Recovery Board Serving Warren and Clinton Counties, he was manager of local coalition development for Coalition for a Drug Free Greater Cincinnati. In his current role, Tommy plans, monitors, and evaluates nearly $2 million of annual funding aimed at prevention and early intervention.

Guiding Principles

Membership: We exist because of and for our members

  • Utilize members as a resource
  • Ensure members drive decision-making and activities
  • Provide opportunities for idea exchange and critical debate
  • Disseminate information
  • Connect members to resources
  • Advocate on issues critical to members

Integrity: We stay true to our principles in all our endeavors

  • Ensure our actions are aligned with our principles
  • Take risks on behalf of effective prevention
  • Commit to ongoing evaluation of our values and beliefs
  • Model ethical decision making

Visionary Leadership: We are at the forefront of critical prevention related issues

  • Anticipate and address future needs now
  • Confront critical issues
  • Maintain a continuous improvement process
  • Stay abreast of current influences
  • Articulate a vision for the advancement of prevention
  • Be solution oriented
  • Cultivate leaders in prevention

Growth: We promote the growth of prevention as a concept, a field, and a lifestyle

  • Cultivate and expand the spirit of prevention
  • Advocate for prevention and effective practices
  • Unify voices for prevention § Proactively share our vision with others
  • Continuously refine our understanding of what works in prevention
  • Encourage innovation

Collaboration: We cultivate a standard of working together to achieve a more dynamic outcome

  • Explore innovative collaborative opportunities to achieve goals
  • Nurture critical debate and dialogue
  • Model collaboration through membership engagement
  • Foster opportunities for collaboration within and outside our membership
  • Seek out and maintain meaningful external relationships to our association
  • Convene members and key stakeholders to address timely issues


Education & Training Team

The Education & Training Team manages OPPA member-only and broader education and training events.

Current initiatives:

  • OPPA Conference - Plans and implements annual conference, held in May.

  • OCPC Development Fellowship - Coordinates advanced professional development opportunity for prevention professionals working toward their Ohio Certified Prevention Consultant credential.

  • Training & Events calendar - Maintains comprehensive list, located on the OPPA website's Members tab, of conferences, workshops, trainings, webinars, and other events sponsored by state, regional, and national partners.


Christi Valentini-Lackner, OCPS, ICPS

Rachel Miller, MEd, LSW, OCPC, ICPS

Contact the Education & Training Team at training@ohiopreventionprofessionals.org

Holly Zweizig

Holly Zweizig, MPA, OCPC, ICPS

Associate Director, Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County

Treasurer and Resource Development Team Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Holly Zweizig has more than 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field, spending the majority of her career in the prevention field. Holly served previously as the coordinator of the Union County Drug Free Coalition, a federally funded project from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Her earlier career roles included assistant director of Drug-Free Action Alliance (which became Prevention Action Alliance) and early childhood behavioral health director for the Council for Union County Families.

Membership & Networking Team

The Membership & Networking Team coordinates member recruitment and renewal, provides member networking opportunities, and identifies member engagement opportunities.

Current initiatives:

  • OPPA Networking Lunch & Learns - Hosts series of one-hour topic-specific learning and networking opportunities for OPPA members.

  • OPPA Young Prevention Professionals Project (YP3) - Provides support for member-led initiative of young prevention professionals in the OPPA membership.

  • Membership campaign - Recruits new prevention professionals and other prevention advocates to OPPA to increase their professional development and connection to Ohio's prevention community.



Cory Brown, OCPS, ICPS

Contact the Membership & Networking Team at networking@ohiopreventionprofessionals.org

Christi Lackner

Christi Valentini-Lackner, OCPS, ICPS

Senior Director, PreventionFIRST!

Secretary and Education & Training Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Christi Valentini-Lackner has two decades of experience in the prevention field, including a prior role as project director with Envision Partnerships in Butler County. In her role at PreventionFIRST!, she works with coalitions, systems and fellow prevention professionals and community leaders to implement best practice prevention strategies. Christi is also a coach with the Ohio Coaching and Mentoring (OCAM) Network, helping to build prevention capacity in Ohio. In 2016, Christi received the ADAPAO Advocate Award.

Resource Development Team

The Resource Development Team secures material, personnel, and financial resources to support OPPA initiatives and sustainability.  

Current initiatives:

  • OPPA Youth Prevention Showcase - Plans and coordinates OPPA signature fundraising event.

  • Resource development initiatives - Leads efforts to raise funds, further organizational development, and identify sponsorship and individual support for OPPA and prevention.


Holly Zweizig, MPA, OCPC, ICPS

Contact the Resource Development Team at development@ohiopreventionprofessionals.org

Chelcie Beadnell

Chelcie Beadnell, OCPS, ICPS

Health Planner, Union County Health Department

Communications & Marketing Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Chelcie Beadnell spent much of her middle and high school years engaged in youth-led prevention, which fueled her desire to develop a career in the field. After continuing to volunteer in the prevention arena through college, Chelcie began her full-time role in the field as a prevention specialist with Maryhaven, Inc. before joining the Union County Health Department. At the Union County Health Department, Chelcie’s work primarily focuses on coalition work to address various social determinants of health.

Cory Brown

Cory Brown, OCPS, ICPS

Program Manager, Problem Gambling Network of Ohio (PGNO)

Membership & Networking Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Cory Brown began his prevention career as a prevention specialist with Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs, managing youth-led prevention programs in area schools. In his role at PGNO, Cory works to strengthen Ohio’s problem gambling support and service system through coordination of PGNO’s statewide treatment trainings, fellowship and supervision programs, and the annual Ohio Problem Gambling Conference. Cory is also a coach with the Ohio Coaching and Mentoring (OCAM) Network.

Belon Hill

Belon Hill, OCPS, ICPS

Prevention Specialist, Youth to Youth International

Advocacy Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Belon Hill develops and coordinates youth-led prevention programming in Montgomery County for Youth to Youth International. Belon also serves on the Montgomery County Prevention Coalition. Prior to her tenure with Youth to Youth, Belon worked for the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio as a senior recruitment manager, recruiting volunteers and girls to form new troops in Montgomery County and providing school-based direct service programming.

Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel, MS, OCPC, ICPS


Communications & Marketing Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Mary Marvel spent almost her entire career in school systems, where her positions included high school math teacher, district substance abuse prevention coordinator, and high school guidance counselor. For 35 years, Mary also advised school-based youth-led prevention programs, while also providing both volunteer and contract work for programs such as Youth to Youth International, Ohio Teen Institute and several county- and school-based youth prevention programs in the state. Mary continues to be engaged in youth-led program delivery.

Rachael Miller

Rachel Miller, MEd, LSW, OCPC, ICPS

Prevention Specialist, Greene County Educational Service Center

Education & Training Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association

Rachel Miller began her prevention career in 2015 as the sole prevention professional at TCN Behavioral Health. Within a few years, she became the prevention team leader for the agency’s growing prevention reach within five counties. She changed roles in early 2022, becoming a prevention specialist at Greene County Educational Service Center, where she delivers prevention education and engages in coalition work. While Rachel has experience with an array of prevention services, suicide prevention has been a significant focus of her prevention career. Rachel was also an early member of the OPPA Young Prevention Professionals Project.

Jodi Salvo

Jodi Salvo, MSW, LSW, OCPC, ICPS

Director of Prevention Services, OhioGuidestone

Membership & Networking Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Jodi Salvo oversees school-based prevention services and youth-led programming in Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties and coordinates the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition. Jodi is past chair of the State Prevention Coalition Association (SPCA), where she helped guide the development of and programming for professionals and volunteers working with coalitions throughout Ohio. Jodi is also the 2017 recipient of the ADAPAO Advocate Award and is passionately committed to strengthening families and communities.

Mary Wolff

Mary Makley Wolff, MS, OCPS, ICPS

Associate Director, Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation

Advocacy Team Co-Chair, Ohio Prevention Professionals Association


Mary Makley Wolff has spent 30 years working in the areas of aging services, advocacy, non-profit management, and coalition development, including serving as director of the Coalition for a Drug Free Clermont County, a federally funded project from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In her role at the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, Mary works with systems, providers, and coalitions to reduce risk factors for suicide and provide support for survivors. Mary has also served as a Miami Township trustee (Clermont County) for two decades and is Mental Health First Aid and Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) trainer.