Benefits of Membership

Why Join?

OPPA is Your Voice for Prevention!

OPPA provides a community for prevention professionals, advocates, and supporters to champion prevention in Ohio. OPPA advocates for prevention with elected officials, state leadership, and the many systems serving Ohio. We represent our membership on multiple state committees, work groups, and task forces, sometimes serving as the only prevention voice at the table. When you join OPPA, you add your voice to a growing movement to prioritize prevention for the health and well-being of all Ohioans.

OPPA members receive terrific benefits!

With your membership, you receive numerous benefits, including discounted registration on OPPA-sponsored education and training; peligibility to participate in OPPA-sponsored special projects; access to the resources available in the members' only section of the OPPA web site; nominating privileges for the OPPA Awards; and connection to other prevention professionals and advocates.

Prevention works!

For every $1 spent on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention, $4 is saved in costs for treatment, crime, health care and other areas affected by abuse. Prevention is based in a solid body of research that demonstrates these fiscal savings and quality of life impact on individuals, families, and communities. Yet prevention receives limited funding, and Ohioans are not sufficiently aware of prevention tools and resources.

OPPA has created a unified voice for the advancement of prevention in Ohio, championing prevention in our state and communities.

Who are the members of OPPA?

OPPA members are Ohioans united to champion the advancement of effective prevention.

OPPA’s membership includes prevention professionals and other prevention advocates throughout Ohio who are committed to amplifying a united voice for effective prevention in Ohio through dialogue, education, networking, and advocacy.